Demon Dog Render

Hello there fellow Blenderheads =)
Well I was bored today so I decided to create a small sort of render :stuck_out_tongue:
here is the link to it enjoy and please tell me what you think :

well this is really my very first time using blender for somthing else then creating games. last time I used the rendering engine like 2 years ago it ended up like …

anyways hope you like it and Its suppose it be sort of like an evil demon dog holwing at the moon in the middle of the night I dont know why I put reflection on the floor and brightness so dont ask lol


A few comments…

1-His head should be tilted upwards, at the Moon, if he’s howling at it. The whole pose could be better.

2-The reflection makes it look as if he were floating, unless that’s the way it’s supposed to be (the ground should probably not be reflective anyway).

3-The whole thing looks too blurry, making the details difficult to make out.

4-It looks like this might be more of a game model, based on the texture and the details added by it. I know you were bored, but some of those details can be modeled, or at least the shape of the model can be changed a bit so the texture fits better.

Well, that’s only a few, I don’t want to keep attacking you with comments :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: And as for the texture I was aiming for a game look to the model =)

I will tilt his head bit more towards the moon and remove the recletion ect…
and see how it looks and change around his pose :stuck_out_tongue:

I will uplaod another try soon after I edit it =P

I dunno if this looks better but here it is :

as you may know this render is not going to be good the model itself took me around 30 minutes to make … I left out lot’s of detail.

anyways hope you like it and dont worrie about attacking me just let me know what should be changed and stuff I will see if I can do it lol =)

(I toke off the blender logo thingy maby that makes it look nicer ?)


dunno if its just me but the demon dog looks as if you cut it out of a magizine and slaped it on there lol. maybe it should have a shadow or something. hmm. but any ways the second one does look better. good job.

Thanks That Really Help Me lol ^_^.
(Awesome Way To Make Me Laugh Thanks)

Well This Is Basicly My First Time Using Blenders Render Engine :S
I Been Using The Game Engine For Like 3 Years Now Tho :rolleyes:

Anyways I Have No Clue How To Make Good Shadows In The Render I Tryed And It Came Out Well …

And hmmm… If It Makes The Model Look Less Like A Cut Out From A Magizine Should I Change The Camera View Abit ?

:stuck_out_tongue: I Am Going Off In 10 - 15 Minutes I Am Falling Asleep.

And Today Was My B-Day lol (Thought I Bring That Up)


Looks great, man, the wings are cool. I had some dreams about demon dogs, and there are some legends about them too. One is in england, and it was called ‘black jake’, and another was in chicago or detroit or somewhere. But the one in england is what ‘the hound of the baskervilles’ was based on.

Thanks =)
I heard of some legends long ago also about defferent type’s of stuff.
But is a cerberus is a demon dog right ?
The awesome things about legends that I like is that the storys of them are awesome :smiley: (Well for me they are anyways =P)

I will probly end up modeling one later on =P (Just for fun then give it out)

Anyways Keep on blendering blender artists !!! :cool: