Demon. ( Not Pro)

Im not a pro but im doing my best.Rate critc. PS I’m 15 years old

The main problem that I see with it is the material for the skin. It’s too uniform (yes, there are differences in the texture itself, but it is spread too evenly on the face). The normal map is OK, but I think the specularity could be turned down a bit. Try changing your lighting setup so give softer shadows too. The teeth are also all to uniform, and the mouth is obviously not right. The eyeballs also need a better texture. The facial pose is also too bland IMO. Basically you just need to add more detail. Try having a look at different reference pictures (search Google images or something), to see how other people have done something like this.

P.S. I’m 16 :slight_smile:

The textures could do with some work. The model is very specular lit. The Demon looks like a happy friendly character, is this the look you are going for? Teeth need to be more varied but a good start.

Could you show us the wireframe? I think it would help us get a better understanding of the edge flow.

I agree with Err0L. It’s a nice model, but it needs a bit more variety and detail. It might look cool if you gave it some cheekbones and a chin, and just a more defined facial structure. Also, the eyebrows seem too straight. Try curving them a bit more around the eye socket.

It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. Here are the main points that need work:

  1. Head shape - A human or humanoid head is not uniformly wide; it tapers towards the bottom. The head is also too flat and thin. Human heads are longer than they are wide. This also lacks ears, and the eyes are too far up in the head.

  2. Materials/textures - There is too much specular and reflection and not enough subsurface scattering. Subsurface scattering(SSS) simulates light being able to enter the model and get scattered with in it, and is very important when trying to create skin. The textures and bump map also seem too repetitive and simply don’t look good, and that is partially due to the specular.

  3. Background - Default gray is quite dull and boring, and model showcases look far better with a pure white or pure black background than with default gray.

Sorry to sound harsh, but it’s to improve your skills. If you take everyone’s critiques into consideration, you can create a good model.

P.S. I’m 12, and it annoys the living crap out of me when people put their ages in the post to try to get a softer critique. This is the FOCUSED CRITIQUE forum, and you’re not going to get better if you can’t take a hard critique.

Looks good, but the teeth should go all the way across the mouth. Oh, and I’m 24. :slight_smile:

No,just thought that you will think that im not a newbie and still still doing nothing special .Still thanks for critque, i try to do it more realistic next time

Try moving and lose some of the teeth unless this is just a friendly monster who happens to have a scar on its eye :smiley: If your going for the scary look work on the teeth because monsters eat people and such don’t yah think that it would have scraggly teeth from eating humans or what ever
Other that that looking good

teeth too regular and conical
some of them meet point-to-point?
teeth usually mesh somehow