Demon of Printer Ink WIP [cycles]

So I am working on a piece, the working title is ‘The Demon of Printer Ink’.

This WIP does not depict the demon itself, but an ornament which will be hanging in the scene. Just thought I would post and see what people think. I think this bit needs some tweaking (the filigree cage over the ruby X, for example), but I think this part of the scene is getting close.

I used the skull model that was posted on Blendernation recently.

that bad, huh?

no it’s not bad at all. sounds like an interesting scene. sometimes good pieces sink to the bottom of the page with no reply. it just happens.

Cool man I like the render, nice work

thanks, I will post updates as I have them. Any advice on this part?

Okay, this is what I have so far. It’s just a screenshot of the cycles preview, because trying to use F12 crashed my computer. Anyone know WTF is up with that? The BVH processing takes like 2x longer, and actually doesn’t finish, just freezes my PC, requiring hard reboot.

e: I have 3GB of ram and a core i7 920, if that matters.

Anyway, as far as the art, any crits or advice so far? The white things on his head are feather quills, but those don’t render properly in Cycles, I am going to composite them in from BI at the end.

okay I’ve posted an update, I finally upgraded to 12GB of ram.