Demon Quest (video of game play is up)

I know I know… I said no more games for a wile… but like last week I was messing around with blender and came out with some thing! :smiley:

okay the game is called ‘Demon Quest’ and it really has no story… really all you do is go through difrant worlds (going to start with just one for now) and kill the Demons in it to rid that world of evil

it’s a 3rd person action adventure game

Pics and video are on the blog here (

If any one want’s to help I’m happy to let them! right now I really need some one who’s good at animating walk cycles and such and also some one who knows python pretty well.

P.S. I’m not going to have a boat load of time on my hands so it might move a little slow… but I’ll try to work on it as much as I can

The “samurai” model is very nice!

If you want help, you should try posting in the Team Projects forum.

Thanks! but I can’t take all credit for it :no: the body was made with Rorkimaru’s Unihuman thingamabob :slight_smile:

aw come on guy! the first promising project I make and one comment? not cool…

Nice armor! There’s your comment :stuck_out_tongue:
how much programming is done?

can we see a video? We want to see the gameplay :wink:

@curlystraw: well… that’s the problem… I don’t know python so I can’t do that :frowning:

@Linkxgl: I’ll have game play down soon but it’s not ready yet cuz I don’t know python

okay I’ve got a video of the game play! it’s just a quick draft so it’s not perfected… and I know the walk cycle is crap;)

K just to let you guys know I haven’t quit this I’m just working on some stuff… I’ll post it as soon as it’s done :slight_smile: