Demon Stalker

hi im writing to tell you all about my new game called Demon Stalker its based on the book which is a really good
read :smiley:

Nick Walker is fourteen. Hes been fourteen for years. Branded with the Mark of Changelessness, he will never age, and most injuries will heal almost instantly. Now he faces a deadly challenge defeating the demonic assassins that the evil Cartel have sent after him. With only a knife for protection, its kill or be killed . . .


Nick Walker:- a 14 Year old kid Who was living on the streets ,until he met
and got branded with the mark of changlessness a mark which not only allows him to heal any injury almost immediatly but also allows him to be fourteen forever

Manta:- a mysterious witch hiding from a group Known as the cartel,She was the one who branded Nick with the mark of changlessness

april:- a mysterious girl who has telekinetic powers

Cartel:- a Group of evil wizards(i think)who have been trying to kill Nick for quite some time


Nick:- Knife of changlessness,it glows golden near monsters and demons

April:- Telekinesis


thugs etc…

As of now i have only modeled and rigged nick

Anyone who wants to help can No big commitment needed.


Cool, and very interesting story :slight_smile:

Thanks im glad you like it