Demon (surrealistic practice)

Hey all blenderartists users!

It’s been a while since I did some mid/high-poly face modeling, so I decided to do some practice to get back to my old level. Month inspired me to create a demon, so here’re some pics of the stuff I got so far. I only have a demon wing, a part of the head and some demon horns.

Comments and crits are welcome :slight_smile:


I was off for a week (holiday hell yeah :cool:), but now I have some little spare time to go on with the demon. Head finished, next step: the upper body.

Comments and crits are welcome :smiley:


Nobody replied? Damn :frowning:

Anyway, I got some spare time yesterday (life is busy, isn’t it?) to go on with my demon. I finished the main structure of the upper body and I’m busy with the hands now. The drawn image is the first concept art I made for this model.

Comments and crits are welcome. :smiley:


looks great, I would love to do the voice…

Nice Doggie_B, it’s coming along nicely, you might wanna post some wire screens of your model, so we can comment on that too :slight_smile: looking forward to see some more updates.

(it definitely needs some kind of staff or pitchfork)

Jay Leno has already signed up to do the voice, sorry.

lol, imagining that voice

More process (well actually there already was for a long time, but I was just too lazy to post :p).

I’ve added some nails, made some corrections in the face, added some trousers (I don’t want a 18+ topic) and a navel. Now, I only need a pair of feet, two eyebrows and maybe nipples and then I’m ready to start texturing. I already added some basic colors, so you can see how he will look like.


OK guys, geometry finished (damn I should practice more at modeling feet :mad:). I’ve did some tests with various shape keys to give the demon some more personality. Maybe I’ll create an animation (very) short with this demon, but I think it animates faster with an advanced rig (like this). One problem: I don’t know how to do this. Does anyone know a good (non-video) tutorial for this?


looks really nice man, like that style. the only thing i quite don’t like are the legs and feet, but u said yourself already :wink:

looks fun.

but i think you should change his color to a lighter red so that his features could be seen more clearly.