Demon WIP - body update 06-24

Hi, this is “yet another demon”. Mesh is quite chaotic at some points so I try to clean it up… I’ll post updates asap.

C&C highly welcome!


update :wink:

I was never successful in modeling a humanlike body… lets see what happens.

crits would be helpful :wink:

Here’s my personal opinion:

Horns should be bigger, this way he will score some points in evil’ness. He doesn’t seem very evil for a demon… maybe you should pinch the eyes so they become a bit smaller and more evil. Some big dusky eyebrows could help. Dunno… other than that its a fine job. Oh yeah, the upper body seems a little small… Keep on going! :smiley:

Thanks, I scaled the body a little bit down because it seemed too big… I’ll have a look at it again. Same thing with the horns :wink:

I have the idea of a curious or amused demon with this little “Jack-Bauer-grin”. Didn’t work well hehe


the problem with the horns in my opinin is then are to far from the head they i think should curv under the ears and should be a but theaker