(jackblack) #1

I tried to create a demon who’s flesh has been burnt off.
Let me know what you think.
Please Comment!

(pofo) #2

Well done.
I like how crisp this render is.

ok, I’m bad :Z
Like it though, will you animate? The living dead have to be animated.

(jackblack) #3

Yes I will animate him. I’m still working on rigging him, I hope he looks good when I rig him.

(jackblack) #4

Trying him in a composit with a little pose.

(PandaChamp) #5

Look good! A bit scary when i first looked at it ay.

(Super Wu-Man) #6

that is quite bad ass and very scary.
i really like the thin arms and legs.

(Spin) #7

I have to agree. For me, this is the first real scary looking rendering I have seen in Blender. That can easily be boned and rigged for animation. Actually, I’d like to see this done with ICARUS, placed into a real video scene.

(Dwarfose) #8

good work ont he model, and that composite looks pretty good
I think the pictures look a bit blurry though, maybes im just used to larger images

(DedKnight) #9

that is just awesome. i like the texturing job very much. the first thing that stood out for me was the feet. maybe try giving him some hooves? i dunno, great work!

(jackblack) #10

Well spin your hit the nail right on the head. He is going to be rigged and I am going to use video and plan to use icarus to do an animation. The plot in the video will probably be so sick and disturbing that I would be banned from the site if I told you. I’ll just say this demon kills three people in a horrible and very scary way.

(juanjavier) #11

----Frightened!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nicely textured, though.