first new model i have started in ages, how good is it? any major issues?

looks good, I think the hands could use a little more detailing though.

i voted ok, though once you work more on the hands and also improve the horns(they look kinda fragile) i sure wouldn’t mind voting good! :wink: (exelent fot a textured model… :))

there are a number of issues with the wings. Did you start this with a makehuman mesh?

i started with a completely remodeled MH mesh, fixed allot of topolagy errors. it might as well have been scrach bult with the amount of time i spent fixing it. the wings were modeled by me, what are the problems with them?

a rarther bad render of the origanal modal before editing
the hands arnt rilly hands, thay have more resemblance to cat paws with extremly long claws and no joints.

I’l make the horns thicker

the feet are going to go when i decide what to do with them

the muscle structure could be better, my knowledge of human anatomy isn’t that good.

I voted “good”. I don’t see anything that strikes me as being “off”. The hands are just part of the artwork… IMO.

what I think is wrong with it is that they don’t look like wings isall. Look closer at things like bats wings, since that seems to be the kind of wing you’re after. It looks more like a slab of plastic bolted onto his back tbh. Sorry but that’s what I think it looks like.

Look at WOW’s Illidan, there’s a number of youtube movies you could find, he has those demon wing thingies, and it is done just right there.

Looks good if I had to crit anything it would be the wings. If you are trying to give him bat type wings then use some references. Bat wings are structured pretty much like a human arm with humerous, ulna, radius and various other bones that make up palm of the hand. The ‘fingers’ of the bats arm are what holds up the skin of the wing and give it the characteristic fan shape. Looking at some photos will definately sort you out. I had similar troubles when I sketched out demon character.

general proportions are well made, but a sharp line on the belly, ribs in wrong direction, breast a little too high, and no expression/characteristics in the face yet.

thankyou for the sugestions, remade the wings.

any more comments?

The wing looks much better than before. But perharps you can extend that but of skin that makes up the wing all the way to the demon’s body it looks a bit odd the way it just stops mid wing. Enclosing the two major wing bones with a bit of skin at the top would also look good. I also think that you can up the muscle detail a nouch right now he looks bit like a wimp and not the scary demon you want him to be.