Demonboy sculpt

Playing around with the sculpting feature… this is abt 2hrs work… :o

hard to do the lips… need to add higher detail to sculpt it better… this one havent hit 100k yet… so probably can add more details … but a bit tired for now… still recovering from flu… nasty… :frowning:

(Original concept is from PekHarn… a friend of my friend… an excellent concept artist… just using his design for sculpting practice)

Looking good, like the stylistic approach. All the forms are there, so now you just have to refine them further. Looking forward to seeing more!

Decided to do a proper character from that sculpt… and will most likely rig it… if the rig is gd enough… will release it as a free rig for use :o And… since i’m still learning Blender… if anyone has any tips to rigging… some tutorials etc… i mean i’ve seen the basic ones about armatures but havent come across anything more character rigging specific… if there isn’t any i guess i’ll just have to figure it out slowly ;p

Gonna add eyebrows, tail and probably some hair to this one before rigging…

K slight update… since i try not to do any 3D on sundays hehe… niwaes added the brows, goatee and tail… decided not to put any hair… keep it simple so i dun end up stopping before i even go into rigging…:stuck_out_tongue:

Devilish Red:

Cream White Flava:

And… for people like me who have a certain fetish… WIRES:

Ok… already planned out the stuffs that i’m gonna need for the rig… now to do it :o gonna take me a gd 2-3 days to really understand how to do it though lol… will update if i get anything done…

p.s. How do i change the title of the thread? i dun want to have to make a new one… and Demonboy Sculpt doesnt suit where i am going with this thread anymore…

Looking good, using sculpting to get quick forms and the retopologize into a better mesh and continue from there is a good workflow imo. Nice work on the body also, I like the overall proportions.