Demoreel 2011: Characters, andy_a

Hi, here’s my latest demoreel.

All models were made in last year. I used Blender 2.56 for sculpt, 2.59 - composition and rendering (blender internal) and 2.49b for retopo. In Gimp I polished low poly textures.
C&C are welcome :slight_smile:


Awesome models man excellent anatomy and proportions. Good work!

the dude with the case and the sword was epic

Amazing 10/10 Keep it up :wink:

well done! really nice demoreel :slight_smile:


Nice sculpts Andy! Very well done modeling/retopo and sweet normal maps! Working very nice. :yes:

exceptional work!

Benwilsonartist – thx :slight_smile: I was afraid about proportions because I wanted to make my models more human (less idealistic) but good to know it’s looks ok :slight_smile:

voe – thank you, I wanted to make him look badass :stuck_out_tongue:

GR4NT – thanx, I’ll try my best :slight_smile:

MmAaXx – thank you :slight_smile:

RiViT – thx :slight_smile:

lucasfalcao – thank you so much for such kind words (especially form so talented artist, like yourself :slight_smile: )

tfrank – thank you :slight_smile:

no wireframe of the demon chick :open_mouth:
i was kinda hopin for it :confused:

awesome work anyway.

I like the musics! joking! but still good musics and awesome model! I like model of Wilhelm!

Nice work !

Are those characters sculpted posed? Because eg. cape of second character is deformed by sword so I assume it was sculpted this way, so I wonder how it would deform.

5* of course.

Totally awsome! :slight_smile:

digitalwolf333 - yes, no wire because she’s only a sculpt (low poly version on the way, here’s an early wip of low poly ~8ktris: Glad you like it :slight_smile:

hakkı rıza - hehe, yep the only things which isn’t mine :stuck_out_tongue: thx :slight_smile: Wilhelm took most time so he’s probably most finished.

otsoa - thank you :slight_smile:

JoseConseco - Thanx :slight_smile: Yes, 2 first are posed (I used base mesh from executor for heads and hands, rest is from simple cubes etc.) - I didn’t tough much about cloth etc. because I had reference images and wanted to make it as close to original sculpture as possible.

Ristridyn - Thank you very much (I feel flattered that it’s your first post - btw. welcome to :))

Nice Work, congrats! ; )

Nice models, your models rock!

The only thing I don’t like is the rithm of the reel. I know that is a modelling reel and is hard to get an interesting editing. But maybe you could try to make not only turnarounds, but also make some panoramics, truogh your models, close ups, etc. You have really awesome models, they deserve a really interesting reel.

Anyways, 5* from here

Excellent work. My *5 of course. I have to agree that the reel was a bit flat, no tempo. Never mind.

Great sculpting skills!

I can’t give you 5 stars for a “clay render”, but won’t vote you down either :wink:

Forms, proportions and “life” (that last most important to me) are all great, but a fine detail pass either in bump or sculpt seem lacking if you were to compare this to zbrush central works…

In this day and age I think you need to “do the full monty” and texture, surface, light and render to a high standard to really bring it home…

Great job indeed nothing else to say haha :P.