Demoreel 2011: Characters, andy_a

Ricardo 3D – thank you very much :slight_smile:

V1k1ngo – thanx :slight_smile: very good tip, I was thinking about it, but I tough the demo would be too long with additional closeup. Hmm rhythm of reel – will think more about it in next one :slight_smile:

michalis – thx :slight_smile: now when V1k1ngo mentioned it I see it better :stuck_out_tongue:

Michael W – thank you :slight_smile: Yes, I think you’re absolutely right, but I had some problem with detailing those models (executioner is from time when 4mln was max to my pc, now I can hit about 12mln but after that it starts to lag :/). I made another material for them (something like broken marble, but imo it looked better the way as it is [flat β€žlambert”]). The next model I’m cooking will have it all (but rendered in mantra… :slight_smile: ).

ThePerformance – thanx :slight_smile:

Inspiring work. Well done.

Great sculpting

I rest my case

Sup man, great portfolio :slight_smile:

Fantastic work I love these models, a very unusual subject selection for the models and its paid off really well.

Fantastic sculpts! All the clothes are very well done.

Really impressive work!
What kind of hardware do you use?

Adone - thank you very much :slight_smile:

MESCH973 – thanx :slight_smile:

CG-Predator – thanks :slight_smile:

Renderluz – hehe thx :slight_smile: but I hope next one will be with some quality hexen mode stuff :slight_smile:

RealTimeBrush – thank you :slight_smile:

ben - thank for the comment :slight_smile: and also for some great resources on you site which helped mi in my blender transition :slight_smile:

Gnuren – thx :slight_smile: Nothing special: AMD Athlon II x4 2,8; GeForce GTX 460 2gb, 6gb Ram