DemoReel - Get some feedback

Hi guys,

This is the demoreel that I put together yesterday…

I would like to receive feedback… What to add, what to delete, If I forgot something important… :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!

I don’t see a link. To it.

Well… you can add more! You have three projects shown, is this all you’ve done? What sort of job are you trying to get with just this?

The point of a demoreel is to show potential employers that you’re a skillful artist who is either very good at doing one specific thing, or good at everything. At the moment it is unclear what your focus is, and if this is the best you’ve got then I suggest you spend a few more months to make some more impressive renders.

Thank you for your words… Well, actually I have got a lot more projects but they are “not mine” (Tutorials, CgCookie, Andrew Price, BCloud…) so I thougth it was better not to include them.

This is my first version of the Reel.In 1 month im going to have some other projects that are in progress… Go go go!!


I agree with GregZaal.
And I think you should practice a little more before doing a demoreel.
It’s maybe a little too soon for you to do this.
The way you show your projects is good… It’s the projects by themselves that are not so good and don’t deserve such attention in the way you are presenting them… The house with the swimming pool is a bit dissapointing when you’re presenting it this way.

So, yes, go on, practice, learn, share your progress. You’ll have all the time to do another demoreel later…


Work a little more on your renders, and then, think about your sales-pitch. Exactly what do you want to sell? (Remember: CG is a world of specialists, since it’s too big to have a “jack of all trades.”) Your reels, which are of course “sales pitches,” then carry this single, focused marketing message.

Thank you guys for all your advices, I apreciate them. I would like to focus on Character Design and Animation (Im also interested in Architecture Rendering )but since I had no idea about illumination (Not in Blender, in general) I thought that the Architecture Academy would be a good oportunity to learn more about that topic and indeed it has been.

Speaking about the house with the swimming pool, I thougth I would be a good way to present it that way in order to apreciate the different parts of it. Obviously, I was mistaken.

I will go on, practice and share my progress as suggest Alex, and focus in one area.

Thanks all!! I truly apreciate your advices!! :slight_smile:

I think you’ve got enough for a demoreel. Add some music and an intro at the start, work on your transitions a bit, add some music and it will make what you DO have pop a lot more.

Have you gone through and looked at other people’s demo reels? I’d get a few, and try to find people that are near your skill level and see how the ones that stand out the most make their work stand out. Don’t just look at the rockstarts, but look at the everyman 3D demo reels too :slight_smile:

I agree with Greg. Here’s my list; trying to be thorough, hope it’s not too picky. Overall, I think the scenes are a bit empty/bland and could use more detailing and presentation work. There’s a lot of jitter going on at the top and bottom of the screen when swipes and fades happen. Also don’t forget music. You also can’t not have music in a reel (even though I’ve had complains from saying that before).

Indoor Scene

  • Take out the exclamation mark in “Lights On!”. IMHO, it feels like person is trying to say they’re really impressed with themselves with whatever. The visuals should do that on its own.

Toy Scene

  • Kinda greyish and darkly lit. May want to experiment with studio lighting and turn-tabling.
  • The crossfade happened too fast for me to figure out what happened first time. I would suggest trying crossfading directly without the fade to black.

House Scene

  • The design of the house is kind of odd to what I’m familiar with…
    1. Houses with triangle shingled roofs usually don’t have plain exterior walls. Usually you see them of roofless styles.
    2. The bottom of the triangle of the roof creates a ledge. Usually only the top part overhangs.
  • Grounge => “Grunge”?