DEMOS:Adventures games -click point

DEMO: Pueblo Chico Game
ok man here a litle demo of PROBE the interface
but sure its change in the demo final
now TINCHOPUNK IS rewrite the history
soon post the demo complete…

Nice graphics, Framerate?

Frightening!!! Looks very nice!
Download is 20Mb by the way.

.exe (windows?) only!! :frowning:

ok oto
i dont can post the blend file because , i dont only works in this proyect. other people works in the modelating and music.
but now i create a litle example for you , whith your characther oto . used click point , astar module and inventory.
give some day for i finish this example for you.

Thank you, very kind! :slight_smile:

hi oto
i dont finish yet your example of click point
i need a week more for finish this

but i experiment with a example of gravity script of ANSHID
“Meshes Created by p00f”

this is very fun
you can download the example here:;8337252;;/fileinfo.html
or here


hey pocho the spherical gravity thing is really cool. it kind of makes me thing of super Mario galaxies (new super Mario game for the wii) here is a link to the new trailer
are you working on something simaler? i mean the planetary gravity effects, cause that would be very cool.

why are you do you people feel so much better, what would you do if I were to make a game in dutch… you won’t be able to read it would you?? atleast we’re not so big of a specknecks …

make it english will ya…

and I don’t like your emo avatar either…

interesting … this looks like the world of “the little prince” of St Exupery … ( )

Pocho and Ash thanks for existing… You rock dudes!!!

WOW! What a toy!!! Looks like Christmas for me today! :eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift:

the avatar dont is emo culture
is characther of comics:

science fiction
drawn and write for the great “LUCHO OLIVERA” here in
Argentinean. in the 70s decade.
the comics :
excellent game
mario galaxy is a great game
maybe in the future we can create similary game in blender
but now i dont much time
A: i finish before the example of OTO click point
B: then the Artificial intelligent system:
and then
c: we can create a clone of mario galaxy for blender.

Hi there Pocho, i will do several tests to this demo file now and return a better feedback later. I guess “convex hull polytope” is a better collision limit for Little Oto :wink: <<<EDIT: No it is not… let me try a bigger radius…

See you!

and again:

Muchas gracias hermano! (<<<Thank you very much dude)

Genious! I’ll mess around with the file and see if I can make the world super sized XD


nice “gravity” demo.
Quite fun and interesting!
Don’t bother with my request, it’s not important.
Thank you!

How do you make it so that when you click the char walks to the point where you clicked?
Python, I suppose

yes turin turambar i used a “emply” with raysensor and the function
in python getHitPosition()
you can read here:
but tomorrow i posted a blend example with oto characther
now i works in the inventory , a little patience.

Thanks man!! I’ve been trying to do this ever since I started making games.

OK OTO i finish the example of clickPoint
i dont time for inventory implementation .
in the next example i agree the inventory
resourse i used:
CHARACTHER created for the genial “OTO”
i used the ASTAR module of SCABOOTSSCA:
script for the track to nearest missile of SKULLBUNNY:

you move the cursor with the mouse and the screen
and click where you oto walk.(blue cursor)
if you click on the crate( red cursor) oto atack this with missile.
you can download here:;8478004;/fileinfo.html
or here:
you need python install in your pc:

the capture:

the capture:


The conditions that p00f layed out when he released those meshes is that you have to give him credit if you use them. (as a matter of fact I think he released them only for people who joined his RPG project, I may be wrong about this)

I dont think you would like it if p00f took your code and erased your name off it, and released it without giving you any credit.

If you do not have the talent to make your own artwork the least you can do is give proper credits those who made it.

Anyways, Nice demos… I have a feeling that they are really going to help people out.
It is nice that you share them with us.

hello mmph
thanks for the commentaries
you are right
very sorry for the people i take her mesh works(P00f , crates of social, explosion of martinshid,etc)
but i dont time to model my own mesh artworks
my only objective is to create an example so that people learn and
can use in her own games