Demoscene/nostalgia thread

I’m wondering which Elysiun users/visitors were active in the heyday of the demoscene. If you were, were you a graphic artist? Musician? Coder? Post demos/intros/whatever you were involved with here :slight_smile:

(Or maybe you sat in front of your C64/Amiga/Atari/Apple/PC and watched it all happen?)

And how many of you find Blender’s interface appropriate to the type of app to come out of the demoscene (not that it did, I’m just saying!) :wink:

Heck, any '80s/'90s computer nostalgia can go here too :slight_smile:

Thanks to the Demoscene, Tracker programs are still in use and developed. I am a (hobbiest) musician with a few Trackers, and I am a coder, but I never coded a demo, or used music in a demo, I was an observer.

Nice, same here. I went: Modedit --> FT ][ --> Acid --> Reason and now I wish FT ][ was still developed :slight_smile:

I had a C64 and started pushing pixel with it (Hi-Eddi+ KoalaPainter someone?). Then the Amiga, which I still miss. Dpaint, first steps in Raytracing with DBW-Render. Ah. Good old times…
Not involved in the demoscene, just watched the intros before the games started… :wink:

I mainly watched it all happen. But I was a tracker. Started out with ScreamTracker, then naturally went to Impulse Tracker. Then Buzz Tracker, and now Buzz Tracker / Cool Edit Pro 2.1.

Oh man, DanielP, speaking of the C64, I can still see that Impossible Mission guy running through my nightmares from time to time. And the sound of those elevators and humming robots, with no backing soundtrack! The silence is killing me! :smiley:

Metsys, I’m amazed that Buzz Tracker actually works on your computer :wink:

Well, then…

Get (Win)Vice and have fun…


(Retro-Gaming isn’t exactly the same fun, but brings up some nice memories. I’m still playing Amiga-Games from time to time… still looking for a good arcade joystick, playing old games with a Gamepad is just… strange.)

Yeah, me too :). It’s an oldie/buggie/un-completie but goodie. If you go to and get their massive pack there are a lot of users that have added fixesd to the program. You still have to change the buzz executible to run in a Win98 or WinNT compatibility mode to work though.

But as of now, I’m just using it as a softsynth. With CoolEdit I can get killer performances from my Alesis QS6 easily.

A1000 lda $0b
A1002 sta $0314
A2005 lda $10
A2007 sta $0315
A200A rts
A200b inc $d020
A200e jmp $ea31

Ahhh don’t get me started guys…you hit my weak spot.

I still have my commodore 64 (in SX-64 form), and 2 of them actually
they look something like this:

It’s a commodore 64 built in a super-solid military design steel-cage with a 5 inch
color monitor and a 5.14" floppy drive with a detachable keyboard for comfort.

These never sold very well due to the high price and are today a sought-after
collection item (I still USE mine…not collecting dust here)

And …as if that wasn’t enough, I got this baby as well:

![ 1000.jpg]( 1000.jpg)

Thats an Amiga 1000 - one of the first Amiga’s released to the public,
it was actually a prototype rushed out before it war finished.

I wasn’t rich enough at the time to own either of the computers so my computers
where originally Commodore 64 (one of the first ones that came out)
And later when the Amiga 1000 was introduced, I had to wait for the
Amiga 500 in order to afford one. Actually…I think the reason I got
myself an Amiga 1000 in the later years…was pure nostalgia… It was
after all the first Amiga, and the best looking one imho.

Other computers I’ve had trough the years:

  • Oric 48 K
  • Zx 81
  • Vic 20
  • Dragon 32
  • Yamaha MSX Music computer (way later, it was too expensive)
  • Atari MEGA ST 2 with the laser-printer
  • Atari 520 and 1040
  • Atari 800 XL
  • BBC Acorn (odd computer with an extreme highres with a few colors)
  • Commodore 16 (must be part of commodores biggest mistakes)
  • Commodore + 4 (same as C16 but with more memory and a cuter design)
  • Amiga 500/ 1000 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000

Many more I’ve forgotten (old age I guess)

And this computer is a real gem…it’s one of the (if not THE) worlds first
computers with a touch screen (in pocket format)

Casio PB 1000: (Still have it)

Can you belive that this 4 mhz baby was made in 1984???
It still works like a charm. And it sports ASSEMBLY language and Basic!

Me and some of my friends still code on retro computers
today. Mostly in assembler tough.

What was my demoscene relations? ooooh…don’t get me
started boys… do NOT get me started :smiley:

Wow, that SX-64 is so cool! 5 inches is about right considering the C64’s screen resolution, too :wink:

Thanks for sharing JoOngle, it was great to look at all that stuff :slight_smile:

/me gets jo0ngle started :smiley:

I want to know! There is still some demoscene type stuff, not c64 and such, but things like the the produkkt(sp?) I do a little tracking of my own, but mostly I just admire the works of rob hubbard and the people that redid/remixed his music (the remixed sanxion anyone?).