demreel resolution question

i remember some guy was saying that the image you make for the blender demoreel should be either 640x480 or 800x600.i am modelling a character that will take something about 500x1000 if rendered from head to it possible to post an image of that res for the demoreel.because if i render in 800x600 etc. the details of the character will not be visible. %|

the reason why we are requesting those resolutions is because we are using them in an annimation and they will have to fit on a tv screen, which means scaling… and if we have to scale it may destort the image…


if you submit an image that does not fit the dimensions for the reel we will scale it for you when it goes to TV. However, there are ways to scale without distortion, but there will be large black bars. The solution to this sort of problem would be to move the camera closer to the character to fill the desiered aspect ratio and then animate a simple pan of your character.

Is it possible to submit images whow where made with the help of other software. Like an other renderer?

is a 1024x768 res valid?

Any resolution is valid, however, keep in mind that the images will be scaled to fit a TV. We won’t change the aspect ratio, but we might have to modify other things such as the camera placement to get a better shot of your model to fit the TV requirements.

Please feel free to post other resolutions for voting. The goal is to have a look at what you can do.

You may NOT use other rendering systems. The goal is to make a reel depicting what Blender alone can do, not Blender with the help of XYZ.

that means i can not render it in lightflow!! :frowning:
i don’t think thats fair enough.instead of being concentrating only on blender for rendering you should be looking to make them better using some external raytracers.and if you say you have to do all the things in blender then you have to make the textures in blender too.that is quite ridiculas.i think external raytracers should be given preference here.the best result comes out when you use different softwares which are better doing specific jobs.

yo, “blender demoreel” not “blender and external renderers demoreel”
texture image maps are allowed, that is a feature of blender.

another feature of blender is to export your meshes.
I think you will miss a lot of great entries because of this rule.

i think you miss the point that we are trying to show off blender… not lightflow and blenderman.

these are great but the same things can be simulated using blender, it just takes more effort of the part of the artist. but that is a whole other discussion. no external rendering… bottom line.

sorry guys.

are we working with some bull-headed people!! this is crazy man!if anybody gets attracted to blender seeing the demoreel and start to work with it he/she too take advantage of the external what is your point…no great stuff can be made like that if you people think like that.may be its a rule that have been made by some alcoholic…but keep in mind this is gonna destroy the whole demoreel.why don’t you realise that blender’s rendering is not good enough…and when you have the facility to use an external renderer then why not use it.i really don’t get it.sorry.

we have nothing against external renders. its simply that we cannot render animations with external render’s on our machines, we can’t go and get all the shaders, and all the different renderers, that’s just not going to happen. however if people can get broadcast quality animations to us (ie mailing a CD) then i will allow external renderers. images obviously wont be an issue.

the other option is to have you head up the rendering of all the external renderings. get the files from the artists using external renderers and render them and host them for us to download via an ftp dropbox or what ever. since we don’t have the experience or time to handle it and you evidently do.

one other thing… if external renderers are used they must be freeware titles. we are not going to mess around with getting licenses and going through all the motions that that entales, or the costs. so no renderman or lightwave. evne if you own the software we do not, therefore we cannot use content generated by those renderers.

sounds good…i think we do not need any license to show the rendering done in lightflow or POVRAY etc. can be used isn’t it?
i will post the blend file along with everything in it.if you wish to render in blender or LF the choice will be yours.ok?

I just like to take the neutral side on this, but I like to give my view too, so I’ll list a pro’s and con’s of using an external renderer for the demo reel. In my perspective.

Pros (using an external renderer)

  • Possibly better overall Image quality for the demo reel.
  • Effects and realism that is beyond the blender scanline renderer.
  • Easier to do specific renders that otherwise will cost a lot of time in blender as it is.
  • Variety of submission entry look and feel.
  • Probably better contestant participation (based on the messages in this thread).
  • Awe inspiring the audience will be a much easier accomplishment.


  • Not everyone has a raytracer (or know how to use one) hence to their disadvantage in joining the contest. Unless they are really good.
  • Aspiring users may be mislead to what the capabilities of the blender renderer can and cannot do.
  • The renderer/s may be promoted more than the modeler.
  • True power of blender (at least in rendering) will slightly be exaggerated.
  • And as mentioned, project organizers will have a harder time in the overall demoreel composition.

I would tend to disagree with people saying nothing good can be achieved in blender’s, or almost any other software’s renderer, for with persistence, wonders can still be made. I have seen some pretty good compositions that are only screen-shots of real-time view ports.

But, raytracers will do a lot of good also, and most of the cons I perceive can be eliminated by simply stating somewhere what scenes are rendered in whatever renderer. If the demo-reel, and your time can afford it, putting a blender only section at the first part, as an example, and external renderer beefed up section afterwards might be profitable. But then again, that suggestion in itself can breed a brand new set of pro’s and con’s. Happy New Year to all.

everybody can have a raytracer if they can afford a little time to download them(like pov-ray,lightflow,virtualight etc.).because all these are free.

lightflow is freeware, so that can be used, as well as povray.