Denim texture

well for a project i have been trying to get a blue jean denim material, and have found fabrics to be pretty hard

so i thought id post hear and ask how i could improve it, cause im not very happy with it
oh and its supposed to be muddy

You could shrink the size of the fabric pattern quite a bit, you could also try looking at a pair of jeans and work from that as a reference.

im no expert, but along with chaning the texture size, perhaps add a layer of lighter blue, fairly sparingly of course.

Thanks, your suggestions have greatly improved my texture in my opinion

btw its two wood textures for the threads, some distorted noise to give the threads some detail, a cloud texture set to warp it so it doesn’t look uniform, an other cloud to add dirt, and finaly yet another cloud (offset from the dirt) to add the wear look as was suggested.

so hear it is:
I think it still has a few problems, namely how the light falls on it due to spec/reflec settings, any suggestions there?

I like the mini version in the post more then the full size image.

Maybe shrink the grid like part of the texture way, way down till you can barely see it like in the little image. And add just a tad more color variation.

ok ill post an update soon

on a side note its funny how google ads is inserting bluejean commercials into this thread lol

edit: here it is: