[Denmark or EU] 2D and 3D moddeling logo creation (Solved)

I found one so no more need to contact me.


I am new in here and I will be using the suggested template:

  1. For a start I need a graphics designer who can help me with both feedback and creation of a new logo. It must work in both 2D and 3D for the different use cases. It shall work fine in both Unreal and Unity, as well as 2D like in Photoshop or Ilustrator. (I am not talking just about 3D effects on 2D, I am thinking an actually 3D model).
    So there are should be two logos. One for 2D and a 3D model.
    I already have some ideas for the 2D drawings on paper that I will send to you. Its simple and I guess it would take less than an hour to just modelling it, but I hope for a bit more than just modelling it as I command, you can make the professional twist, if needed.

  2. A newly started company, so far it is only me. I am the founder and it is an “ApS”, in Denmark meaning there is some capital behind it. More information when there is a serious contact.
    I am an well educated fellow over 40 and I quit my job to do my own business helping companies in the new tech world. I can tell more when I know who you are.

  3. Of course you can do modelling in Blender, but I prefer someone with experience in doing Logos, knowing the pitfalls and so on. Unreal experience is a plus. Experience working with marketing for companies or previous in a marketing company, would be a great plus. If you are a geek with fonts, it is okay too, but not at all crucial. For my website I use Concrete5, if that have any interest. You are a nerd with the details.
    Having a recognized profile in here and being a nice fellow is a plus :slight_smile:

  4. Deadline is preferable during the coming week. We set up a video meeting and agree further.

  5. As mentioned the output is both a simple 2D logo in vector, I assume, and a 3D model in a common format (Blender and .fbx?), preferable to work in Unreal too with correct lighting.
    Thought I am thinking no advanced lighting, but I am a little unsure here, please help me out here. The 3D model should be generic to be used in different programs, but I also understand if there can be some lighting issues.
    Note that the 2D drafts I have made on paper (perhaps due to lack of skills) is just some spaced lines, alluding, if you know it, the two letters from the name in a spectacular setup.
    Therefor I don’t expect it to be too advanced, keep it simple, but with a professional touch.
    As I said I can send my ideas, when I know a bit more about you.

  6. I am new in here, but for a somewhat experienced modeller/designer I am thinking around 250 Euros for just the 2 logos.
    The scope: There will be a video meeting where we connect ideas. Then you create it, send it in the agreed formats and then a follow up with perhaps subtle corrections, but hopefully not needed.

Any crucial information missing?

You are welcome to PM and share you interest and perhaps your LinkedIn profile.

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing great!

I would be happy to work with you. Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

Also, add me over Skype id- live: cis.am3 or Email- [email protected]

I look forward to your response!

Stay Well



I have sent you a PM about this

Before you contact me do this checklist.

  1. You are a freelancer or similiar and the producer, not outsourcing.
  2. You have your own website with a portfolio and your own mail.
  3. You have a LinkedIn profile.

Thank you.

Hi Mikael! Are you using the DM here? or where do you want this information to be sent to you?

It was meant to everyone who wants to contact me, to let them know what I expect.
You got a personal answer too.

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hey .

I think I will fit for this kind of work.

add me over skype or discord. skype : [email protected] , discord: ellemti#4779

i can’t wait to talk more about it with you :slightly_smiling_face:

I have found someone else , so no need to contact me any more.

Thanks to all of you, taking the time to write to me.