Denoise node setup with multiple render layers

Hello, this is the first time I am using multiple render layers for a blender project and I have always used Denoise node in the compositing tab to speed up the render. And now Im confused on how I should hook up these nodes now when I have multiple render layers and Alpha Over nodes. In the image below I have my usual node setup to the right and my new node setup to the left. So my question is: what is the proper way to hook up the denoise node in the node setup in the left part of the image?

Thanks in advance.

Did you turn on noise output on the other view layers

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Thanks for the reply. I have done that now, what do I do after that?

Either Denoise each of them then alpha over or alpha over first then Denoise.

Make sure you turn on transparency on film

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I have tried now to denoise each of them but that removes the freestyle outline. I have the freestyle external contour enabled on one layer and if I don’t connect the denoise node with that layer then there is an external contour but if I connect it, the external contour is no longer there in render. Why is that happening?

You could render Freestyle as a render pass and mix it after the denoising into the composition.

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