Dense Planet

(RayVelcoro) #1

Spent the better part of today making this animation, due to saving some rendertime the planet orbits a bit too quickly for my taste. Would love to hear some input regarding this project. Please shoot!



That’s super cool! I’d slightly randomise the color of the building’s roofs, maybe between just a dark grey and the current black. Also, I think it could use even more lens distortion. That effect is really cool, and it would be cooler if it was a little more exaggerated.


Is this rendered in Blender internal? It’s very cool! :+1:

(RayVelcoro) #4

Thx guys, indeed i should have slightly randomized the color of the roofs. I gave the camera a focal length of 10, I also think I could push that even a bit further.

It was all done in Cycles. 2 render layers, 40 samples (each frame took about 40sec rendertime @1000*1000), denoised. and some composing.

(RayVelcoro) #5

Did some concessions to gain a looped gif at a acceptable rotationspeed. (some mirroring + replace the random colors for single shadings);

(C_Campbell) #6

I agree with you the people of this planet must be very dense. I mean, look what they’ve done to their planet. They cut down all the trees.