Density modeling with blender

I have recently simulated the movement of particles in a 3d grid (via Molecular dynamics calculations). Now, I need to fill a volume with particlular colors depending on the density of particular substance.

I have looked this up, and found that my best bet is to convert the data I have into voxel data and use the volume rendering tools found here:

Now, after doing this I am having trouble actually importing the data into blender. Is there a particular format that blender prefers?

Alternatively, if there is a better way to do this, please let me know!

Here are examples of what I want (but I have the end-goal of animating the interior of the cube):

Also, if anyone feels that I would be best just recreating what I have done in paraview or some other modeling software that is more typically used for scientific applications, please let me know.


OP: Maybe you’ll find an appropriate importer in user preferences. Select “User Preferences…” from File menu (or press Ctrl+Alt+U), click on the Addons tab and select Inport-Export. You can enable/disable addons by ticking the checkboxes:

If you can’t find an appropriate importer, maybe someone can help you over on the Python Support forum.