Dent in headmesh


I’m modelling a head, as part of a complete charachter, but I’m having problems.

In this picture:

you can see a dent, inside the red circle.

This is the wireframe:

It seems that the quad I highligted is the problemarea. This is the correct way of adding vertices without resorting to triangles, right?

I’ve tried fiddling with the vertices to fix it, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Tris do indeed become horrid after a while. As far as the dent, if you can’t just move the quad up a bit and remove the dent, are there extra verts that you somehow didn’t notice? That can happen sometimes. I dunno. What happens when you try to move the quad?

What I would do:

snap cursor to vertex 4, select verts 2 and 4, merge them at cursor (w menu in 3d window). Adjust verts as required. When a quad is causing you trouble – elminate it.

Hope this helps

Thanks greybeard, that did it.

It’s funny though, how such a simple sollution hides in plain sight :slight_smile:

It wasn’t really hiding, you were just too obsessed with avoiding tris. A few of them aren’t a big deal. A whole head made of them and subsurfed is. :wink:

That may be, but this solution didn’t produce any tri’s, so my obsession aproves of this solution…