Dentable/Destructible Objects


I’m currently working on creating a game (using Blender and Unity) where the player is fed up with his or her office computer and smashes it to pieces (similar to the “Beat Up Your PC” flash game linked below; feel free to relieve some stress while you’re at it).

I’ve started creating a basic PC tower and will be searching for more inspiring tutorials for monitors, keyboard, and mouse model/animation creation. Also, I’ve view the tutorials for destructible objects (as well as the “Animating a Car Crash” tutorial, to see how to dent objects).

Would anyone be able to point the way to any tutorials/references/other sources to show how to make a destructible object (where it behaves like in the linked flash game above but, of course, in more detail)?

I want to create the animation where the point of “dent” (or impact) is a variant location depending on where the player hits the computer (and what the player is hitting the computer with).

Any help would be awesome!

Here is good tutorial: