Dental 3D Modelers needed

Dynamic Dental Solutions is a premiere dental prosthetic laboratory that leverages digital technologies to deliver exceptional smiles.

We are looking for designers who can apply their 3D modeling expertise to our industry.

Dynamic’s unique position as a national design center provides education and multidisciplinary dental collaboration.

These positions will require the ability to model individual or full sets of teeth based on design specifics utilizing existing dental models, and by freeforming or adjusting patients’ current teeth.

Applicants will need to be well versed in manipulating digital models in a 3D space, be very familiar with Windows file structure and file manipulation, and be capable of recognizing visual dissonance for the purpose of aesthetic design.

A background or knowledge of dental will be a plus, but not required as terminology and dental aesthetics will be trained on-the-job.

The Dental field is an exceptional place to realize your full 3D modeling potential. This is a field where microns make a difference, and is one of the fastest growing fields for industrial 3D printers. If you want to find out what you’re capable of, wish to work with 3D printers of incredible accuracy, and see 5 Axis milling machines create your designs in real time out of ceramics then please reach out today.

Pay is dependent on designer skill level and capacity for dental design.

Which country and city are you based in?


We are based out of Jacksonville Florida in the U.S.

Remote design would not be possible while also teaching about dental, so those without dental experience would definitely need to work from site. If there is dental experience then it may be possible to work something else out.