Hello there. i’m testing settings in Cycles. here is a test on a girl done in Zbrush, and rig in Blender. i had some clothes…rendered with tranparent texture. hope you like her!

Wow… very nice! More views please!! :wink:

you’re welcome 7over6.
here are the first Cycle tests.

Rim of the skirt is phasing thorough the body. Isn’t that part of Princess Leia’s Slave outfit?

I really liked the first post’s outfit. More of that! Maybe a bit too brown and vintage-ey, but I like it!

many thanks guys! yes, i’va had this problem with this rim. now my underwears have different modifiers:

  • when its easy, only armature+subsurf+shrink wrap
  • When complex, as for the panty system, mesh deformatio+subsurf+shrinwrap.
    It’s not intentional, but who has not been in truble with Leila suit…
    and yes, it’s too brown…

tried an other style. still pinky…original+reworked in photofiltre

so hot! I love it.

Just wow. Simply amazing.