WIP, a creepy abandoned dentist’s room
chair model so far pictured below. materials still need work
yafray. very noisy ATM.

No? nothing? alrighty.

Nice modeling . . . looking forward to the finished piece.

Suggestion on materials for the chair: make all metal parts scratched/rusted chrome, and the cushions cracked/faded leather (in line with your theme).


I planned to do exactly that. but its not leather, so i might just make it torn with like maybe some stuffing sticking out…who knows.

Don’t forget to chip the paint too! :slight_smile:

Very nice model!

oh…it’ll chip alright! you BET it’ll chip…

yeah i never updated this

i tried out indigo and i think ill stick with it:

Lookin’ nice!

Yeah, Indigo’s awesome . . . if I had my own render farm, I’d probably use nothing else.


Looks great! I have really got to get around to checking out Indigo. BTW, don’t forget to think about some sort of baseboard runner where the wall meets the floor. In the real world, the wall and floor rarely come in direct contact because construction standards require that there be a small gap to allow for temperature effects (expanding, contracting, flexing). The baseboard runner simply covers that gap. Too many cg artists leave that detail out. I would google for dental office interiors to get an idea of how that is handled in the real world.

you know, i HAD one of those on my floor, but for some reason, they were crashing indigo…then when i took them out, indigo rendered it perfectly fine. i plan to re-put some in, so now worries, i did not leave them out :]

and the feeling of the piece now isnt really like supposed to be dark and scary and creepy, but more like just abandoned and empty, giving you the feeling of being alone, but not necessarily creepy

also, i tried out some bloom. ill play with that when im done modeling etc. though.

Yes Indigo can get quite addictive. I haven’t used Blender Internal for quite some time.

I think the main reason it doesn’t look dark and scary because it’s not dark. Instead of sunlight, maybe try some mesh emitters. Maybe just one pointed at the chair? Like an interrogation type setup? Some large, sharp Dental instruments lying about might help too.

“So tell me… is it safe?”

first of all, i said that i changed my mind about dark and scary, and now am going for a different feeling (see my post above this one)
secondly, im using mesh emitters outside the windows, not sunlights, and its supposed to be day time, so i dont think like an interrogation setup with inside lights on would be very appropriate. oh, and there will DEFINITELY be large sharp dental instruments :]

added some more stuff

and with bloom

cant decide if i want the bloom or not. your thoughts?

no? no one?

alright, i guess

i say no bloom. the bloom just makes it look like a dream sequence.

Yes… I misread your post. I confess my crimes against the state. :cool:

I say I like the bloom, if you want a feeling of loneliness, it fits better. If you want up the anti, maybe add some holes in the walls, tear up the tile some more, water stains. Might fit better with a feeling of loneliness and abandonment.

ah yes, dirt and debris is soon to come


with bloom

that is seriously nice. I love the details on the tile floor. How about some of those doofy posters they always put up, but 1950s style - faded and torn. Then you could have a crumpled up mountain dew can on the floor to give the idea that the dentist walked out in '53 and it wasn’t touched in all that time.

Maybe a face at the window?

I love indigo. I’m having some problems getting detailed scenes to render at all. What exporter are you using and what settings?

Love it though!