Denture :) (large image)


Blender internal and procedural textures.
Old image posted before suggestions:

…well, have you finished? now give me back my denture, please.

thats wonderfully excelent, just the apple texture looks a bit wierd

but the wineglasses are superb well done!

its very good, only thing i would say is that the apple texture would probably be better uv mapped or something, but it still looks remarkably good for a procedural texture!

beautifull composition of the image and choice of colors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s blender internal? Beautifully lit!

@Flurp, tigger: thank you! I’m surprised to hear about the apple, not because I think it is perfect, but because I supposed that other materials were worst than this one, for example the grapes. I try to make it more realistic.

@bullx, Jimmac: thankyou!

Nice composition :slight_smile:

The apple texture is a bit weird - too simple and artificial (stretched)
Are those brown things kiwifruit? It’s hard to tell
The grapes are a bit on the dark side
The orange could be slightly shinier

Wineglasses look good. The dentures look a bit dark (maybe some more light on the dark side, very faintly would be nice)


:slight_smile: I completely agree with you, these materials could be improved to be more interesting. I prefer to work on other projects for a while, but in the future I’ll take these materials bach to blender and will try to follow all your and others’ suggestions.

EDIT: I’ve updated the image.

Great work, I would have thought such realistic lighting was very hard to achieve in Blender Internal. Very nice fruit, too.

very nice, i think all the fruit looks good. the basket is what bugs me. seems too brightly lit from below or something. the denture in the glass is wonderful!

aleppax - Aside from the observation mentioned…I like the art and the implied message with the dentures. Nicely composed. Good basket weaving…any chance for a .blend on that for a better look:)

the file is here:
but the final image is a mix of two rendering: the basket is rendered with a Mitch. antialiasing, and the glasses are rendered with a gaussian AA. the two renderings are mixed with the Gimp.

@quantum: the lighting is very simple, with AO.
@treaktor: I’ve added a squared spot for the basket, you have immediately found it!

Thanks - but can’t open in blender (blend.tar.gz)? doesn’t read as blend file

It is a compressed file (.tar.gz), you have to unpack it, there are many free utilities able to “unzip” this, e.g. powerarchiver.

finally well modeled glasses :slight_smile: great job on the fruit also

aleppax- thanks for the tip - looks great;)