Deora II

Figured it’d be neat to give that weird oddball Hotwheels truck a go. But going off of what I can find for the real show-car version.

So far I’ve modeled one of the wheels as a starting point, since that’s one of the parts where the dimensions are known. The rest of the mesh will be built around that. (Although it’s likely I’ll just use a cylinder as a proxy.)

Nice wheels Sir! I think I will get some like that for my car…

I haven’t searched for the car yet, but i look forward to this project progressing.

Cheers, Clock.


I just found it - this will make a very nice model.

Looking forward to see this model evolving. If I found the right Deora II the organic shape will be very interesting to model and pleasing to the eyes. :slight_smile:

Very rudimentary start to the body shape. Just blocking out volume at the moment.

For cars I still think this is an odd shape. Not too many box-cab pick-ups. (Sort of a van-truck mix in some ways.) And the showy stuff done to this takes away what would be practical. (Engine where the bed hatch would normally be.) However it’s quite unique, and that’s why I’ll give modeling it a try.

What you see blocked out will soon be the template shape I’m going to snap-to and/or shrinkwrap onto in order to make the body panels. Figure it’ll be more flexible doing it that way (and drawing the edge-flow) than cutting holes in a mesh and trying to get things to line up. So basically making the template by the box-modeling top-down volume first, then going bottom up when making the various parts that will fit to that shape. Thus combining both common approaches. I saw somebody else doing this (can’t recall where though), and I figure I’ll give it a try since I’m more used to top-down and chopping things up.