Departure Sabotaged (short animation)

Hi everyone,

Here’s a short animation I just finished. Made using Blender 2.48 with the internal renderer. Hope you like it.

Wow why does this have no replies?

That animation was entertaining, comical, and perfectly executed… if only there were sound.

I really enjoyed that! The models looked great and the animation was awesome!! Well done

This piece was indeed executed quite well, but i did not understand the story behind it.
Why did Mario die? What did he die from?

The imagery of the short was amazing, especially the blood looked quite

Technicially excellent, though I didn’t care for the “gore”.

I’d be interested in seeing the lighting setup … .ambient occlusion ??

Started out as an interesting story, with not much if any IMO of an ending.

His mustache is a bit too big ;), but the rendering and animation is quite good, wasn’t expecting the ending :p.

awesome. the materials you used and the lighting were perfect.

I like the concept of the thing, but in comedy, “timing is everything” and in this case the timing is just too slow. Take this piece of film to the 2D video-editor of your choice and start cutting it … ruthlessly.

For instance:

  • Show me the video-game console only long enough for me to realize that it is a video-game console. (Show me a brand-name, or an obvious obfuscation of one.)
  • CUT TO: show me that something’s trying to get out. Exaggerate the action, showing me several rapid “flips” but only from one point-of-view. Don’t belabor the point. Don’t show me three points-of-view of “the same iddy-biddy action.” (You wouldn’t believe how rapidly I can start yawning…)
  • Next, show me that it’s Mario, and give me time (while he’s doing something) to recognize that it’s him.
  • Immediately cut to the next joke: that the lid’s trying to clamp down on him. Give me a little reaction-business to indicate that it hurts, then cut immediately to his solution: the rubber ball.
  • Immediately cut to the hand-motion and immediately to the little creature popping out. (Play a little game with yourself here: “can I do without this tenth of a second?”)
  • At this point… your story falters badly. The little creature is out there but he has nothing to do, and Mario inexplicably doesn’t follow him.
  • At this point… the “go for the gore” simply doesn’t work at all. If the lid didn’t crush Mario earlier, it isn’t plausible that it would “smash him to bits” now… not unless the console had previously been shown to be evil.

So… first put this piece of film through a ruthless bit of editing. (Every film goes through it, and comes out much better, so I’m not making a special-request here…) Then, re-think the climax. Give the little wind-up guy something to do, such as “helping Mario to escape” (after first including a bit of action to show that Mario can’t do it on his own, even though the little-guy inexplicably could). If you decide that Mario still must get squashed (a cop-out if you ask me…), be sure to show the little-guy’s reaction.

Mind you, I like what you have done here!! It’s original. It’s creative. And, it’s unfinished. Great rough-cut… way cool… “you’re really on to something here.”

Now, go finish it. Make it what it deserves to be.

Hahaha. I enjoyed that.

Very nice modelling of the DS and very good Toon-style modelling of mario.

Animation was decent.

Lighting and shading could have been better. But I don’t think that was your focus anyway.

Cool Idea, great execution. (no pun intended)

Epic. If you were to add sound I would suggest going for a Jaws theme (possibly your inspiration for the death) with the classic Jaws theme tune and then noises as if he is being attacked by something, as the way he gets thrown around mirrors Jaws well when the woman gets attacked :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with everything sundialsvc4 said, and would like to add one thing: be very careful with how you use the camera. After a scene has been fully established, it works well to just have cuts to get from shot to shot. From about 40 seconds onward, it looks great, the way the camera just switches. But, before that, I think it would have looked much better had you replaced some with panning and zooming

Thumbs up. I’m impressed with the quality of the animation in particular.

Maybe the edit was paced a bit slow, but that’s my only critique.

Very nice, I do not know why the forum doesnt give more credit to work like this, they seem to focus on modeling more than anything. The amount of work in animation is over double what modeling entails. Good job…

Wow, that’s just one great piece of short. Animation-wise (non-strictly speaking), it does communicate the message well enough. And the minimal (sound issue excluded) theme is just perfect for the cartoony style. But I really wished there was sound. I know, it’s such a pain to setup sfx and music to synch, it might even destroy the short, but nevertheless, it’s an awesome animation! :slight_smile:

I’m really interressing about your lighting setup too :slight_smile:

Really good job !

Awesome idea, I liked it alot. I agree with sundialsvc4 about the pace though.

I don’t see any problem with the story. The console comes alive when it’s turned on and kills Mario who’s trying to save all the critters within it. I think a faster pace would make it more obvious.

The power button on a real DS is close to Mario’s right hand, so maybe making him accidentally turn it on would be a nice twist.

Hahaha, Mario will never escape nintendo! And if he tries we all now know what will happen to him. I enjoyed it very much.

morbid :slight_smile:
but cool :slight_smile: