Dependency cycle detected error

Has some of you met with a similar error? Every time there is a crash after this error.


Dependency cycle detected:
‘OBRura.TRANSFORM_FINAL()’ depends on ‘OBRura.TRANSFORM_FINAL()’ through ‘Dupligroup’
Detected 1 dependency cycles
Address : 0x00007FF6C162A333
Module : C:\Blender2.80\blender.exe

Do you have an object called OBRura that duplicates a group - but is inside that group?

As groups are collections in 2.8 , this is an error you could end up with by moving objects between collections.

After a thorough examination of the scene, the problem was the instance of collection called ‘rura’
Thank you for indicating the direction in which I am looking for a error.

Regardless of what you did , blender should never crash, if you still have the problematic file, please file a bug report on

Will do! No Problem.