"Dependency cycle detected" messages

I’m rigging up a simple ragdoll for the game engine, and it requires that I include objects external to the armature in the rig- in this case, empties parented to bones in the armature, which other bones then track. The parent bones and the tracking bones are not connected or related to each other via parenting, or otherwise depend on each other in any way shape or form, and the rig performs just fine, but because the dependency graph doesn’t factor in individual bones when checking for cycles I get dependency cycle warnings for each bone and empty in the ragdoll setup, every time I do just about anything. I need to use the system console window for actual error outputs while I debug my game, and having to scroll through page after page of false-positive cycle errors is absurd.

So my question to you all is simple: Is it possible to disable the printing of dependency cycle errors to the console, or otherwise flush them from the console view?

I’m well aware that there is no actual cycle, and it’s very easy to spot cycles when they do arise, so I don’t need the messages in the first place (especially because, for the game engine, I have to keep my rigs very simple anyways)

PS mods- I put this in rigging because it revolves around an armature but if the dependency graph relates to some other forum better, feel free to move it there.