Dependency Cycle detected...?


Making some changes to the set of my animation project and want to replace a building by another model. All models in the set blend are linked. I created the replacement and saved it to its own folder in the models folder of the project. I then opened the set blend file and linked the new model in and went to add the new model proxy to the set group but get an error message “Could not ad the group because of dependency cycle detected.” The set blend links into the scene template blend. Any thoughts anyone on what’s going on? Many thanks in advance.

Well, obviously this has all the experts baffled. I’ll just trash the entire set and rebuild a new one and hope that, InShaAllah, it links into the twenty shots without linking issues arrising… Maybe I should change the name of the project, ‘Djinn’ after all means ‘jinx’ in Arabic… who knows?

Thanks Larry and of course Google… Now the reason I didn’t ‘Google’ it was as follows. I got an error message which I assumed, in error as it turns out, means something was wrong in the process used. That given the possibility of that error in process occurring someone had written into the software that should it occur a message would pop up and naughty, don’t do it again. I didn’t for a moment think it was a bug and one which as you point out in your reply, was apparently fixed. But cheers mate and many thanks, I’ll check out those links.

OK problem solved by loading up the 2.69 test build I had in my download folder. The replacement model linked and I found it where it should be in the shot blends. Again thanks Larry, you’re a legend.

Glad I could help. :slight_smile: