Dependent Zoom/Pan

Hey all,

New user here, slowing switching over from Lightwave 3D. I was wondering if there is a way to link the pan and zoom in different 3D view windows. I use a quad view setup with top, front, right, and perspective views.

Is there a way to link the top, front, and right zoom/pan so that if I do it in one view, the others do as well?


Unfortunately I don’t know of any way to achieve this. That doesn’t mean there isn’t … but from all the reading on the topic, I haven’t found one.

Drat! That could be a real deal breaker for me as far as actually using Blender with any regularity. Anyway that it could be done as a python script? Don’t have any idea myself, just throwing it out there for suggestion potential.

There’s an option in the view properties to lock that view to a specific object, if that is similar to what you’re looking for.