Depicting aircraft panel lines

Hi everyone :melting_face:, This is my first post here after being a viewer for a while, so bear with me :wink:. I have been modeling for almost a year now using Blender. I’m modeling this antique Nieuport trainer Biplane which i planned to 3D print. After I have modeled most of the shapes and details. I’m stuck with the method to create a consistent (in terms of width and depth) for the panel line details around the aircraft.

For now, I created the Bezier curve to set bevel depth to some width to created the “Pipe” of grove to be Boolean to the surface model when I’m done with modeling. But this method sometime doesn’t work(Due to topology i guess) and I can’t control the depth nor shape (rectangular would be better than circle) of the grooves.

Does anyone has any techniques of plugins that I can apply for this situation?

The “Pipe” that I created as the line to be Boolean with surface. Just like those raised panel line of old airplane model kits from the past.

Some WIP renders

Blue skies.

Welcome :tada:,
have a look here:

or here:

Happy blending.

The last video about non destructive way looks like a way to go, just have to keep trying different techniques I guess. Thank you so much.