depois da festa (after party)

This is a scene were I want to create a used house, a scene after a party… dirty, used and old. I Am tired of clean and “on sale” architectural scenes.

I like it. right now the floor looks too clean compared to the rest, imo. also the book shelf could use some marring and scuffing especially since it is in the near foreground. could aslo use some beer or wine bottles, ashtrays, and some spilled food, like a box of cereal that got tipped over. a couple of dirty socks could add to the overall griminess.

yes, it’s just the beginning… there a lot of things to put inside the scene, I will work more in the floor.

One more step

Awesome work Thiago Bulhões. You did it fast. Maybe you must do a dirtier place, and put something in the forefront on the flour to looks like the people were there. Keep posting…

yes, theres a lot of things to do, my idea is something like an old apartment used by young students… they don’t wanna spend money in the building, but have some new furniture, etc …

one more step

Great job! I liked the movie poster and I think that you can use the light like sunrise and work with temperature too.

thanks andré.
start to work o details
one more step