Depth Fade Eevee/ 2.8x

Hello fellow artists!

I searched the forum for similar posts, but couldn’t find any.
I am somewhat stuck with a problem I thought to be an easy fix. I try to create a material in Eevee with the following property: The material is transparent but the transparency depends how close geometry is to the surface of the material. Very similar to water or glass but I don’t want refractions, IOR etc. I found a water tutorial from CG Geek and this node setup basically does what I want…except it only works with Cycles. There are also a lot of tutorials using transmission and glass but the material then often has also reflective and refractive properties like glass. I don’t want this. I also find it hard to search for the solution. I am not a coder so maybe I am searching for the wrong terms. Thanks for helping out!

Screenshot1_ Works only with Cycles

Screenshot 2 Node Setup

Use “Camera Data > View Distance” node.

Yeah, also had the idea. I will give it a shot… Seems like a nice puzzle for this weekend ^^