Depth map cameras.... is anyone using them?

I’ve been looking at depth-map characters recently… in theory they should make compositing CGI with live action while shooting on location a lot easier. Rather than setting up temporary greenscreens or rotoscoping actors, you can use the depth information to place virtual objects anywhere in the scene you like. Some also seem to record the movement of the camera, making camera tracking easier, as well as create 3D scans of the scene… I was wandering if anyone was using them, and if there were any that anyone can recommend.

I was looking at this one , but so far as I can make out, it only records when connected to a computer. I may be able to put together a camera-rig by connecting it to a tablet and a microphone, with a selfee-stick and some tripod-clamps holding it all together… guess I’d have to find a tablet with at least 3 USB sockets…

However, there may be some way better options out there.

What do people think of these? Are they as useful as I seem to think they are, or are they a bit of a gimmick, or is the tech not really ready yet if you want high-quality video as well as everything else?

The moment it works at it should, it will be used, massivly.
If the image quality is good enough, why spending time with roto when you just can automate the process and get an result x times faster.

What is the depth of semi-transparent element (smoke, motion-blurred object, transparent curtain etc)? The depth camera will have all the problems that a depth pass based compositing has, so it is not so easy to get a good working result.

Light field cameras are a step towards the goal, but at the moment they are a “bit” hard to use. For example the Lytro Cinema camera (or cannon to be more accurate in size and usability):

it is used masivly its called kinect for xbox, in various games.
Kinect SDK comes with examples and an exporter for motion files. (but hey VS2015 is free!)

And when i was doing robotic research, it turned out to be the best cam (but dont use the old Kinect one).
HD Vid, and pretty high lidar as well.