Depth Mattes, Rich Pixel Format

I hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but does anyone here know how to render a depth matte with blender or are there any scripts available for this? I am new to Blender (Anim8or Convert) and a novice user of After Effects. Also, are there any scripts available to support Rich Pixel Format (.RPF)?I seem to be having trouble finding info on these topics. Thanx in advance for any help!

For your first question, there is a plugin that should be able to do that, but i don’t know how it is called. There is a link to a plugin repository on the website.
The thing you are looking for is called the z-buffer in blender. (a grayscale image of how far geometry is away from the camera)

thanks Wah_Tak,
I saw the Iris+ZBuffer button under the Format Buttons Window (F10KEY) but I thought that was somethiong just for video games (I have a habbit of assuming things). I’ll check it out.

showzbuf.dll sequencer plugin gives the z-buffer as a grayscale image.