Depth of Field and Material colour shift for Animation

Hey Guys,

     Does anybody know how to successfully integrate depth of field into a final render for an animation rather than a static image, and, if it is possible with the current version of blender to shift the depth of field using ipo curves, nodes or whatever else? (eg. foreground in focus & background in blur changing to foreground in blur & background in focus) All the tutorials are pretty sketchy and ambiguous on this stuff, especially when it comes to using noodles.

      Also, can you change a material appearance in an animation, say a red cube turning into a green cube 30 frames later,  without having to change the colour of the lighting? 

Anything you suggest would be so great appreciated!!!

I am unsure of the DOF question.

but i can answer the cube colour issue.

In the Materials window of the cube, go to frame 29 press the ‘i’ key and choose RGB from the list, then on frame 30 change the colour and do the same. viola, an IPO for the material.

Change the view type in the IPO window from Object, to Material to make changes.

for changing DOF artificiially in a still image, see

What PaperSmurf advises works, but if I am understanding you right there is an easier way. Just render your animation in static images, and use the defocus node for DOF. Just search the forums for how to use it. Very simple to set up.

You can then animate that through the camera settings. Change the IPO curves to show the camera settings, hold your mouse over the settings for your camera when it is selected and hit “i” like normal. You will get an option now to set focal distance. That can then be animated to make whatever you want in focus and change.

Thankyou, I’ve solved it now thanx to your help!