Depth of Field/ Animation Exercise

Hey guys, I just wanted to see what you thought of a little test scene I put together. Any critiques are welcome.

Very nice work. depth of field is actually something i’ve been tinkering with recently. so i can really appreciate this test.

Interesting…hahaha and funny!! There is something going on with the pin in the beginning, but i can’t quite place my finger on it. It seems to move a bit as the camera is moving downwards and it comes more into view. Then it also seems a bit strange as far as focus goes. It’s like it is in focus when the doll is out of focus, then as the dof shifts to focus on the doll, the pin kinda goes out of focus then back in focus. Had to watch it 3-4 times to pin that down.

Other than that, the only other thing I see is I think when pantin disappears out the door, that should happen faster. But yea, it’s a good video and funny stuff!

Keep it up!

Thank you guys! Yeah, I know what happened with the pin moving; I had to mix in a previous “take” with the newer one because his hand went through the door in it and I didn’t notice it until it had already rendered. I noticed the pin jumping not long after I posted the video. I’m actually currently re-rendering that section, when he drops the pin (he now pulls his hand back a bit for a more realistic movement) and when he gets thrown backwards because I saw that, too, once the video went up. It was hard for me to get the timing right because the playback framerate was slowed down so significantly. It seemed okay when I played it in the OpenGL render, but the final result looked a bit slower and I’m not sure why. Maybe the vector blur is playing tricks with my eyes? haha

Thank you both again for replying!

Just a tip: from the 3d window, press 0 on the numpad to jump into camera view, then click on the clapboard icon in the header. This does a quick rendering of the viewport which you can then view (ctrl-f11) to check your timing at full speed, or as fast as your computer is capable of.

Hope this helps,

Nice work with DOF !

Thanks guys! And Randy, that’s what I meant when I said the OpenGL render, but thanks for the tip nonetheless. I didn’t know I could watch it in the viewport, I always just saved it as an mpeg file. Also, I’m now noticing the thing with the pin going in and out of focus, but I have no idea how I could fix it. I’ll work on it some more. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

This sounds like a silly question but can you also preview/play the scene with an audio track? Or do you have to take it to the VSE and add one there?

you are awesome

It’s eyebrows are very sly and mesmerizing. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice work.

Looks really good! Though, After the character sees the doll, maybe it would be better to take the focus back to him, as the animation is happening there. Other wise our focus gets stuck with the steady object and the time that takes the character to re-enter the point of interest feels very long.

Timing in the first part looks great! But when he throws the doll and the sequence after that, feel too slow.

Really nice work!


Thanks for all of the feedback, guys! [email protected], I understand your point with keeping the doll in focus and I thought about that while I was doing it, but I figured I would go with the scene from his perspective. Kind of like once he focuses on the doll, that’s his only focus, you know? As for the timing, I’ve fixed that last bit but haven’t put it online because I feel like it’s not different enough to warrant it, but thanks for the input!

impressive. don’t really like the colors