depth of field cycles

in maya I can stretch out a line (aim) from the camera,this enable me to choose a focal point on the subject

In blender,the only option I seem to have it to select an entire object.How do I get the camera to focus on something like…the nose/eye of portrait sculpture for really shallow depth of field.

click here for example

Under the Focus input space, there is a Distance slider - enable Limits when selecting the camera, and increment the slider on Distance until the yellow cross is touching your intended focal point


perfect,thankyou very much!

Another useful method is also to create an empty object and use that for the camera focus point. Just move the empty to the spot you want the image to be in focus.

tame,I tried something with a sphere placed in the position I wanted,and then hid it from render, hoping i’d get the result,didn’t work lol. i’ll see if it works with an empty.

thanks to both of you! the proper limit method seems to work