Depth of Field eevee - Blender transparency issues on particle system

Hey guys! Hope you are doing great! I am facing a problem on blender. I am using Depth of field to render a scene with a particle system on it. I am doing this with eevee and I noticed that not all the particles are rendered right, some of them have transparency on them (i am not using any tranparent material), and only when I save the picture I can see the result is not the same as it is on Blender.
I do not have the film transparency active.
Either I save it on .png or .jpeg the result is the same, as if Depth of field is buged?

Have you guys ever faced this situation? And have you find a solution for it?
Does the depth of field causes this kind of issues?


Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you a different output node in the compositor?

Yeah I guess that was it! :slight_smile: It was someones file, so I really did not noticed the output in the compositor!
Thank you @rigoletto :slight_smile: