depth of field?

how would i do depth of field in blender? like, makthe the backround blurry but the foreground crisp

I am guessing you want internal DoF…you can’t until 2,42 but yo can download this: try and google Blender Zblur…hope that helps.

i downloaded the Zblur plugin, but i have no idea how to use it :-?

This is a post process, use it in sequenceur (shift + a / plugin) and search after a tutorial (zbrur sequenceur)

Unfortunately the pictures seem to be down.


use yafray.

when you select yafray as the engine in blender the cam tab gives you a new panel with the dof options.

turn of auto aa in render panel for yafray and set them like 10 x 10 and higher to get good results.

composit nodes …