Depth question

Hello fellow blenders!
I have a question, as you see in the image, the focus is pointed at the head, and the legs are kind of blurry… how do you create this effect in blender??

In composting nodes, there one called Defocus.

If you plan to use another renderer, not Blender’s internal, look in its documentation.

defocus, or for a still, just use PS/gimp to blur it a little. If it’s an animation, you use something like a garbage matte/gradient combined with a blur node to do that. I say that because there isn’t much foreground/background differentiation in that particular image for a z-depth type blur/defocus to be effective.

you can also blur based on a mask, as in and the following page to simulate what the defocus node does.

that’s what I was trying to say…thanks Papa Smurf