Der Löffelmörder <- This is the new shit

Der Löffelmörder

This is the craziest online movie trailer I have ever seen…

these germans…
thats some serius spoon shit right there i tell ya.


I don’t wanna die that way… I really don’t:(

He should have worn padded clothing, something like a bike jacket would have done the trick.

One of the stranger things I’ve seen recently. It was a bit long, butt then again it said the movie was what, 9 hours. LOL. Maybe if he’d taken a chainsaw to the Loeffelmoerder that would have slowed him down a bit, or dumped him in the Arctic like they did to the Blob.

Ow. That trailer gave me a headache, but that didn’t stop me from sending it to some of my friends to watch. :wink:

I don’t think the guy would have done any better with a chainsaw than he did with a circular saw :no:

Does nobody read descriptions nowadays?
It has nothing to do with ze germans!

It probably was some kid that made up that german title.

Der Löffelmörder means The Spoon Murderer.

Strange “trailer” by the way…

:no:At least he wasn’t forking them to death.:no: