Der Rhein

Some of the work i did for “Der Rhein”, a documentary about one of the most important rivers in Germany and Europe, while working for Bilderfest. I did a bunch of 3D camera projections to fill life into some old paintings and photographs. Additionally i did some VFX and full CG shots. “Der Rhein” was aired on German TV (Arte and ZDF TerraX).

All camera projections and the shot of the map were done inside Blender. The last shot was done in Fusion. Photoshop for all 2D and After Effects for Post.

Hope you like it!

Hmm … can’t insert the vimeo video here for some strange reason.
Heres the link:

(please view in HD 1080)

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Very nice work.

Well that’s pretty darn cool. I especially like the third one down/the shot around 1:00 - there’s something still glorious and mesmerising about the multiplane that achieves a different effect to full 3D. it’s gorgeous
Well done on bringing the paint to life:)

These look great. Love how the images “pop” so much with the depth between planes and depth of field. Also the 3D portraits in the video look fantastic.
Nice work!

I would say they work in itself is a piece of genuine art. Seriously.

The work is great. and I checked the vimeo video, it’s even awesome. Thanks for sharing

Thanks alot guys!

Really a great work, compliments!


Thanks paolo!

i reaaaaaly like the 2nd pic !!! the athmosphere is so distinst i can almost feel the wind and sun in my face :slight_smile: also great work on the DOF

this forum is nice