Deranged Monster sketches! [NEW] Tablet tests

I’ve been playing around with a lovely new sketch book i got for my b’day :D. Here’s some drawings i did a few days ago. Its a character i’ve been developing for a while. If you have a da account please comment there! C&C is welcome!

:eyebrowlift:It is good looking solo and sexy :evilgrin: make him a girl to fell happy:D

Nice brows

haha thankyou for your concern… all my monsters are lonely :frowning:

Here’s another one!

Cool pix - maybe you ought to take biology instead . . .

thanks kbot! :smiley: lol, i just cant wait to finish school this year - im getting sick of it after 12 years :stuck_out_tongue:

oh well another one:

Okay this isn’t actually a monster… but ill post it here as well :p.

I’m trying to improve my posing, lines of action and rhythm in my drawings, then i can hopefully apply this to animation!

After looking over it I did and analysis of the pose - its amazing how breaking things down can help. Further criticism is appreciated!


wow… long time no post! oh well - here are some paintings i did on a borrowed tablet! im still learning how to paint properly :smiley:

lol, i love the paintings. I usually try and give my fellas i draw a kind of specific purpose. For some reason as an example i can only call to mind Liftas, little blobs of water with bubbles in them, who ride on this network of strings, and fart out bubbles for more speed.
I’ve never developed a monster as much as that. Maybe I’ll give it shot.
Knuckles on the paintings again (i would put that colon D smiley, but i hate the way it converts into a smiley here… bleh!)