DerekG1080 Christmas Comp Entry

Well I figured I’ll give this Christmas comp another try:) Going simple this time with a scene that for most is the core of Christmas…the Christmas tree will all the presents of course. I’m going to try to put a spin on it but we’ll see how much time I have. So far I’ve just been working on the tree and the blend is a 2million faces :smiley: This is just a test environment and definitely not the final setup. Any thoughts on the tree are welcome.

Tree was made in Arboro, 50 samples

I like the variation you have added to the branches. It’s hard to say with the way the floor is, but I kind of feel like your
tree trunk is to narrow. Until you get some other things in the scene, it’s hard to say… approx. what size is the tree in height?

I’m going for something like 7 foot tall. I believe your right the trunk is a bit narrow. That’s an easy fix:) Thanks for the input.

tree looks great!
is Arboro an add-on for Blender? Because if it isn’t then you can’t use it for Blender Guru’s competition

Ahhhhhhhh your right!! totally forgot. Well I can recreate it using the same setting since sapling and arboro are basically identical besides the inability for sapling to output UV mapping for the leaves and trunk. We’ll its more work but nothing impossible:) Fingers crossed it should turn out basically the same:) Update coming soon:)