Derelict Cargo Bay


First post here since I figured I should probably make me an account after creating art in Blender for over half a year ^^

I’m currently working on a project for a small student made video game, creating background images for each room of the space ship the game will take place in.
So here we go: The cargo bay!

Super happy with how the final piece came out and I consider it a milestone in my career as an artist
Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!

Render VS Final

Clay Render


looking decent so its going to be a point&click adventure?

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Nope it’ll be a text adventure

Learned that a friend of mine has to make that as a project for uni and when he told me that he’ll need to find a bunch of background images for it I offered my help with it.

Just a fun project on the side and also a opportunity for me to practice building environments more ^^

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this looks great!! I love the lighting coming through and the color pallete! Very nice work!! I haven’t begin to start my work in Blender. I’m still trying to figure out if my laptop can handle it.

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Thank you so much ^^

Yeah I really wanted to let the lighting and color composition do it’s thing in this piece and emphasized that in the post processing workflow!

Hmm there are services out there that allow you to render your work through their servers so maybe that’s an option for you in case rendering big projects would become too much for your laptop.

That’s cool !
I really like the mood and overall composition , Especially given that you don’t have years of 3D it’s a great achievement , and really promising for your next pieces !

Here are a few comments :
You can try to get closer to the final lighting in the render. Because even if the overall lighting work
very well in the graded version, some areas turn out very dark and these could have used a bit more light or shader adjustments to keep some details here. One good solution is, at some point to do some grading and try to match it in 3D with light and improve upon that. Of course at the end you should do a final grade, but only for small tweaks.
For a long time I did the final look in comp, but it can get tricky to adjust things in 3D then , and you end-up fixing things with more comp. Now I try to get quite close in 3D and that generally work better for me.

While the composition and the models are really cool, it lacks a bit of tiny details to make things more believable. Some nuts and bolts, small imperfections…
In this part it’s starting to get there :
But some other parts are still a bit too blocky like these :
Texturing could be a way to add another layer of details. But having some in the models could help too.
It’s not a big deal, but that can help to give more depth to the image. From a distance the image works very well, but once we full screen it, it misses some small details…

Once again the end result is really great, you can keep these advice in mind for your next pieces and see if that works for you, personally I takes me some time but that helped me a lot to get better results.

Well done and keep up the good work for the next ones !


Cool image, nicely done. From the point of view of composition, the two long thin pieces in the middle are blocking a pathway from the bottom left through to near the top right (exit area). I you move the left one a bit further left or rotate it a bit it will create a nice path through the image (and through the scene).

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Great work, congrats…

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Thank you so much for taking your time and writing out such a great post, I really appreciate that ^^

Also both the lack of detail and render lighting where conscious choices.
The first one cause I have one month to do 19 of these and I’m not sure if that’s enough time if I go into high detail, so I opted for having less detail and possibly sometimes blockier models to speed up the process and get everything done. Usually I would take a sub div + non destructive boolean workflow for my hardsurface models.

Can always go back and add more detail at the end if I realize that I have a lot of time left before the deadline ^^

As for the lighting, it’s actually rather close to the final one.
The reason the exposure is that high is cause I’m rendering it out in Filmic Log rather than in Filmic to have a higher dynamic range and therefore more control over the dark and bright areas in the final piece.

It’s a trick that I’ve learned from a video engineer who explained it in detail to me.
Usually I render it in Filmic Log and then push the image back to it’s original brightness in the Blender compositor before taking it to photoshop.

But again, thanks a lot for your valuable input!
I’ll be posting one of my high detail pieces either today or tomorrow so I’d love to hear your input about that one once it’s out ^^

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Uhh I’m not sure which one’s you mean, the two broken pieces on the floor or something else?
If you could take a screenshot of the part you mean that’d be great!

An S shaped curve for the eye to follow through an image is widely considered to be a good compositional device.

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Hahaha ok !

It’s really good given such a deadline ! Indeed no time for tiny details in that case !

Sadly not on these pieces.
So I mostly look at them as practice for composition, lighting and post ^^

However you gave me the idea to at least give more details to the objects in and around the focal point. That crane could have used that x3

Ohhh got ya
Will definitely keep that in mind for the future!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh my goodness.
Thank you so much!

And wish you a wonderful weekend as well ^^

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