Derelict Docks

Had a lot of fun with this one.




This is awesome. I love the concept, I’m rather inspired :thinking: :laughing:


Now that’s just neat. :smiley:

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Thanks! Very glad to hear that!

I know right?

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I’ve been browsing a bunch of your renders on Instagram and when I first saw this I thought it was more of your work! It’s such a fun concept

I love the idea of this, and the materials/models/lighting all look incredibly real. Are the boats and dock model inspired by the tutorial Ian Hubert posted on Patreon a while back? They remind me a lot of what he made in that project

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My insta?!?
Thanks! and yeah, not my awesome artwork, @3lirassam did an awesome job on this! its a cool concept. and I want to see more from @3lirassam

kind of inspired my upcoming weekly artwork that will be out Saturday-Sunday. more leaning in the cool big small things idea this one works with

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Well as of a couple hours ago I’m following you on insta so I’ll see when you post it! I checked out @3lirassam 's portfolio and altho they only have one other post I can see they remix Ian’s Patreon assets in their scenes like you do. I’ve done a bit of that myself and can confirm it’s a lot of fun!

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it is! his assets are awesome to work with :smiley:

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I love using them but I’ve learned that I do have to be careful because they don’t always hold up when I render everything in 4k, which has been my standard for a while. I have gradually started modeling more and more like Ian though because it’s so fast but still looks great if you do it right. I’ve just recently started using Quixel Bridge and the Megascans library seems like it could help me bridge the gap because those assets look amazing even up close (I’ve even done 8k renders with those assets and they hold up), but I’ll need to do more scenes to really get a feel for how they all fit together.

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Yeah, Megascans are just awesome, I used to use them alot, I did an artwork called “mansion of games” a while back, and the entirety was mainly megascan assets

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That sounds cool! Could you drop a link to it? I only started using megascans like last weekend, but I already love it. I started with remastering an abandoned project and I got more done in like three hours than I had in two days without Megascans on my old PC. I haven’t finished it yet because of school and other projects but you can see the WIP on my twitter:
I only just started the account like a week ago so like nobody sees my tweets but I post there anyway lol

Here’s the one I have on instagram
and here’s the full 9:16 version

Oooh I like the lighting! And the confusing sense of scale is sorta surreal. I’ve found that the best way to fit 9x16 art on insta is to give it a square black background in photoshop so instagra sees the whole photo as a square and doesn’t try to crop it. I feel like the full size version of this image works better than the square crop, but the insta version is still pretty cool

I posted this back when I wasn’t so Instagram focused so I didn’t feel like putting a border, that and I’m not a fan of borders, as helpful they are. I find people miss all the small details I put in there.

And yeah the surreal look was what I was going for, the inspiration came from a doll house with a bunch of board games near it. Had the idea in my head for ages.

But we shouldn’t talk about my stuff here, I hate stealing the spotlight :laughing::rofl:

Yeah true, it’s kinda weird having a super long convo like this in someone else’s post.

But do feel free to dm me if you want to keep talking about art or whatever, this was fun

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I love the mindf*ck of the scale :ok_hand:


Damn! I’ve been missing out!
Yes, Ian’s assets are amazing and most importantly they’re so light on the computer!
The megascan assets are great too but I noticed that they sometimes stand out too much? or maybe I should just learn how to tweak the albedo better. It was great reading your comments guys although a bit late.

Thanks a bunch! That’s what I was going for.

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